Low key fam is lit!

This one is for the people I’ve met in Taiwan, especially for my Meander-Fam that I was a part of in Taipei to Kenting. There is a saying:

Traveling is not about the places that you see, but about the people that you meet!

So far that has never been more true than in my time in Taiwan. We all met in Taipei in the „Meander Hostel“ that I can highly recommend. The group was formed during Hot Pot evening and at the breakfast table and I think I have never had so much fun with strangers. And I didn’t spent so much time so close together with a person since the last 3 years.

We just clicked instantly, we had the same humor, we were the loudest in the subway, we giggled all the time, we shared all of our food (I didn’t have one meal all for myself in probably 2 1/2 weeks), we slept in the same room, we sang karaoke together, we had great scooter tours…and I wish I could travel with these people forever…or at least I hope to have a similar experience again in the future.

I can only think of good memories in Taiwan, I loved the country and the biggest reason for it, is because I loved the people who travel Taiwan!

Love you, Jennifer, Duncan, Gabi, Raph, Carlos, Nyko, Peter, Jane, Tobias!!!

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